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Numismatic Coin Collection – The King of Hobbies!

Throughout history, people have always engaged in different activities that they consider as pastime. It is interesting to note that the same activities that serve as serious, money-yielding professions for some persons are at the same time approached by others as a form of hobby-with equal zeal and passion! Thus we have professional football players and those who engage in it as hobbies, same goes for basketball แทงบอลที่เว็บแทงบอลไหน

, the playing of musical instruments, golf, etc.

When people see coin collecting as a form of hobby, it means that they find that activity pleasurable and they thereby spend their time collecting different kinds of coins. They may occasionally cash in on their past-time, but what it means is that they do not engage in it primarily for financial gains-the monetary value of the coins they are collecting. When the primary focus of coin collecting is the monetary value of the coins rather than the gratification of an individual’s curiosity, then it is no longer deemed a hobby but an investment.

The History of Coin Collection: Collecting and hoarding coins due to their current or anticipated financial value dates back nearly two thousand years. History tells us that the main reason earlier generations collected coins was solely for the value that those coins would someday attain. But coin collecting as art pieces-hobby-is a much later development. In fact this pastime was originally referred to as “the hobby of kings” because ancient coins were so valuable and rare that only kings were capable of collecting them and keeping them as mere ornaments.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a king (or queen) today to engage in this pastime. Indeed, coin collection is longer limited to people who are relatively well-off. Anyone can now consider coin collecting as their hobby. As a result, the popularity of coin collection has continued to soar since more and more people now collect coins as hobbies. That is why its tag has now changed from “THE HOBBY OF KINGS” to “THE KING OF HOBBIES”!

Why So Popular? Numismatics (the professional name for coin collecting) is now considered one of the fastest growing hobbies. This is mainly due to the ease of access to coins these days-both old and new. Imagine what quantities of coins have been made available by the introduction of the EURO over a decade ago.

Scores of western and Eastern European currencies literally became candidates for Numismatics-especially the coins. And since the value attached to coins (financial or otherwise) increases with its age and rarity, you can bet that a few decades or a few millenniums from now (if we live that long) those readily available assortment of coins from different parts of Europe today will one day become priceless articles.

That s not to say that coin collecting should only target rested currencies. No. Anyone who wants to start coin collection can start at any time, anywhere, and with any currency-new or old. Some people actually start their coin collecting with the very ones in their pockets-their change. This phase is referred to as the “accumulator” stage since the coin collector tries to accumulate as many coins as they can, starting with the little changes the get when they make minor purchases.