Mobile Phone Reviews – The vivo Y12 Android Phone With Highs and Lows!


This review concentrates on the vivo Y12 smartphone. The phone was released in mid-2021 and remains the hottest seller in the country. You can purchase the vivo y12 phone online from any major retailers like Amazon or Samsung. It also comes with free gift items like a free gift whenever you purchase a handset.

This review focuses on the vivo Y12 and how it fares against the competition. The phone features a futuristic design that does not exactly scream “cell phone.” If you are looking for something sleek and simple, the Y12 will disappoint you with its looks. However, if you are looking for a phone with a large display and a camera that feels solid, then the Y12 is your phone.

The primary camera on the vivo y12 is very small but performs extremely well for an entry level smartphone. You can easily take high-quality pictures in the dimly lit scenes found outside your home. The build quality of the phone is very good with no cracks or dents. The battery life lasts all day without needing a refill. This leads to a lot of value for the price paid as it lasts several times as long as most smartphones. After using it for a week, I’ve only had to replace the battery once.

In my review of the vivo y12, I found that it had a nice interface for an Android handset. You can access your contacts, email, internet, and plenty more through the keyboard. The phone also includes a fingerprint sensor which helps improve security. You can set up your wallpaper, change your ringtone, and even pick out a new color of the skin for your phone.

A major draw in the vivo y12 review helpful for me is the excellent battery life. The phone lasted for a full day and so was able to make three consecutive calls to my wife. The battery does drain fast though so you will need to have an additional charger at all times or else your day will come to a screeching halt. The built in alarm clock helps to wake you up in time to complete work during the day. It’s great to find a phone with so many useful features at such a low cost.

The vivo y12 has a large display which is easy to read. The size is larger than that of most phones which gives it a nice appearance. The screen offers bright colors and sharp text which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to impress their friends. With a little bit of software and tweaking, this phone comes really close to competing with the iPhone 4S. It is unfortunate that this handset does not offer any software updates which may reduce its usefulness in the future.