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LYRD by Avon: New Cherry Vetiver and Santal Musk

The LYRD line (Layers Redefined) was started out in July 2020 with the fragrance Sparkling Neroli. Here is my evaluate of that easy, stylish, and casual fragrance.A set of “Artisan” fragrances have joined the LYRD line in 2020. They are released as unisex and based upon a mix of two main accords. 1 offers a far more standard pair (Santal Musk); the other is strange and obviously directed at the audience engaged by surprises — Cherry Vetiver.

Santal Musk is a light musky fruity floral, that has a outstanding watery sweet Be aware of Asian pear and a refreshing rose around a weightless woody musky background. I have never detected any apparent sandalwood, not less than as I comprehend it, but I similar to the fragrance for its attractive fresh new fruitiness wrapped in a lightweight musk. make my scent sentosa  Pear and rose blend into a dazzling artificially scented tough candy. I say artificial because even in real pears I smell nail polish or nail polish remover, that is a fine and curious nuance that adds a chic edginess to fruity and floral scents. Rosy pear is ready in opposition to the final heat Wooden and musk. Not entirely feminine, I sense some aromatic leathery roughness of Wooden.


The purple bottle has Cherry Vetiver, as well as fragrance certainly smells pink. Cherry and vetiver are a thing that is tough to combine and guess the result in one’s head. I used to be desperate to find out how they scent together.Cherry rushes initially: sweet, nutty, fruity. Vetiver comes appropriate after, bringing its earthiness, unripe greenness, and also a coarse leather-based nuance in the fruity accord. If you do not have an notion of how vetiver smells, you might imagine that the sweet smell of cherry was suddenly confronted and muted by an aged rooty, mossy forest. Surprisingly, the nutty character stays preserved, reworking into hazelnut. For a while, it smells specifically like actual tasteful hazelnut steadily fading right into a more traditional delicate and gourmand fruity leather.