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Everything you need to know about nightlife in Dubia

Since there are amazing places on sale in Dubai, you should try your luck and get one of the District one villas for sale in Dubai, because there is hardly anything that you cannot get in this city of dreams. Especially if you are a party animal, then living somewhere other than Dubai is equivalent to being unfair on yourself. The party scene of Dubai is fantastic, to say the least, especially the nightlife of Dubai is one of its kind.

However, since the United Arab Emirates, is a Muslim state, the party scene here is largely confined to large hotels. That is because establishments like these have a proper license for serving alcohols in clubs, lounges and bars.

Dubai is a city where crowds of various nationalities are blended in one. Although most people here are busiest during the first 4 days of a week, Thursday and Friday’s nights are dedicated to fun gatherings. That is because Thursday is the last workday for the majority of people and Saturday is the weekend.

Be it the venue or music, night clubs in Dubai offer the best and the most unforgettable experiences. As a matter of fact, there are a few clubs that can compete with a 360-degree bar and there is also a club perched on the rooftop of terraces that sit at the end of the Arabian Gulf. Furthermore, the clubs here offer mesmerizing views of shorelines and the magical panorama of Burj al Arab.

  1. The 360-degree club

This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Dubai, that attracts famous DJs around the world to come here and create a spell in the air. This club offers a perfect setting for you to relax and chill out in cool tunes.

  1. Naimi Beach

This is another enchanting spot for party animals, where the vibrant lifestyle of Dubai can be witnessed clearly. Although this beach is a bit on the pricier end, here you can enjoy the most luxurious beach parties in existence.

  1. Trilogy

Located at the heart of Souk Madinat Jumeirah, is another hip club, where all the modern music lovers are accumulated.

  1. Barasti Beach

Do you feel like going to a night club that does not require you to doll up and wear expensive stuff?

If so, then Barasti beach is a perfect paradise for you. This beach sits peacefully at Mina Seyahi beach and is popular for vibrant parties.

Unlike other famous clubs, this one had a modest beginning, but just in a matter of a decade, it has become one of the top clubs in Dubai. Also, it offers classic dance floors with have hip dance floors and swaying tunes.

Food is delectable and cocktails are almost out of this world. So if you want to have a perfect time dancing barefoot on sandy beaches, you ought to take your flip-flops and give this beach a try.

  1. Madinat Jumeirah and the Walk at JBR The Pyramids at Wafi City

For people who prefer to party a bit earlier, these two aforementioned spots are ideal for them. In these places, there are lots of restaurants, clubs and bars. Popular for being the liveliest spots in Dubai, there also a room for night owls to entertain themselves.

Laws on consumption of alcohol

Although, many other cities of the UAE have a strict prohibition on alcohol consumption. If you are not a Muslim you can easily get access to alcohol in Dubai. Besides, there are strict rules on the legal drinking age, so if you are under 21 you might not be able to alcohol since you would be required to show the ID.

If you are visiting Dubai for a short while, your passport is your number one identification, but for residents, only a driving license or Emirates I.D would suffice.

However, you must keep one thing in mind, that Dubai has zero-tolerance for drunk drivers. So whether you are new in the city or have been living here for ages, if you are caught driving while you are high, Dubai police would take strict actions against you.

Besides nightlife and amazing clubs, Dubai is a place where you are free to do everything and be everything. So try your luck and buy one of the Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai.